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    Laurie & Christel

    MRU educated and nearly 14 years of combined experience!

    Since completing our education together over 7 years ago and embarking on our photography journey, we have come a long way! Numerous training courses and countless hours of on the job training are only a little of what makes our work special. Our genuine love for people {especially the littles} makes work a pleasure for us. We strive to make our sessions fun and enjoyable for all!!

    Two is better than one

    Two Photographers = 2x the fun | 2x the image variation | 1/2 the time

    Our long standing relationship as creative partners has evolved into a shooting process which encompasses both of our photography styles in one seamless session. Because there are two photographers shooting your session at once, we are able to deliver a much more diverse gallery is much less time!

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    Local mom, successful business woman, and active supporter of women, Crystal Tost has graciously featured us in her blog!!! Thank you, thank you for the kind words xoxo
    September 19, 2017
    MINI SESSION  What are they, and why do I want one? Mini sessions are a shorter, less expensive and more casual version of our usual photography session. Mini sessions are scheduled in marathon fashion, one after the other at one location with a chosen theme. They work particularly well for...
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